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DIY Chores

Cleaning, emptying the dishwasher, walking the dog. You’ve probably done most of these chores when you were a child because your parents asked you to. It makes sense because they want you to help around the house and want to introduce you to these chores so you can be independent and do them by yourself by the time you’re older. The only problem is, that you probably hated it...

To make these daily chores easier and more fun to learn, we, group 3B Play to Learn, introduce you ‘DIY Chores’. DIY Chores is a click-on game device with educational games that teach children 5 to 15 doing simple daily chores in a fun way. Playing with the device is for all ages, but the learning aspect is for children 5 to 15. The click-on game device projects different games on surfaces such as windows, walls, and the floor when attached to the corresponding cleaning device. Vacuuming becomes collecting coins, brooming is completing a puzzle, you clean the windows by getting out of a maze, and dusting turns into shooting targets. The user is able to play the games independently while cleaning, without much parental supervision. DIY Chores makes sure children can clean more independently in a fun and educational way.

Project video

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