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ALÉ is a modular musical instrument designed for collaboration. Because of the simplified interfaces of the module the modules can also be played by beginners.

ALÉ consists of three instruments combined into one. There is a drum module, a piano module and a chord/bass module.

Modules are placed on the board to build the instrument. The board consists of three tracks. In the middle comes the mixer module. The mixer consists of a speaker and three sliders, one for each of the instruments.

To expand the functionalities of the instrument you can insert one of the extra modules. By adding a sequencer, a small loop can be recorded and adjusted. Other modules such as an arpegiater and pitchbend can also be connected to the main board to add different audio or sequence effects.

Each instrument track has 3 extra slots for the additional modules. When those three slots are full, no further modules can be connected. The idea behind of this is that the goal is not to build a crazy combination of instruments but the goal is to make music.

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