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"I design for creativity"

-Industrial design and new product development-

I design products, and I make them work.

WHy do you need me?

I can look at your projects with a new innovative look. I will make the use of a product become more of an experience

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Who am I?

I am Christiaan Bloo, an aspiring industrial designer. A 21-year-old guy, born and raised in Eindhoven the Netherlands. Eindhoven is considered a city of design. Growing up in this city of design the innovative spirit has always inspired me.  I am currently in my third year of studying industrial design at Eindhoven University of Technology and I have a passion for music and I love to create. Composing my own songs or making new designs. 

In my free time I love to spend time with my friends or to go on trips to places I haven't been before. I like going for bike rides, walks or weekend trips to other cities. 

This portfolio website is to showcase the projects I am most proud of .

Ever since I turned 15 I had side-jobs. My main side job is working at a restaurant on Eindhoven Airport. I love being in busy environments being able to connect with others. 

Designers that most inspire me are:

  • Simone Giertz from shitty robots

  • Martin Molin from Wintergatan,

  • Tim Alex Jacobs from mitxela

  • Matt Benedetto from unnecessary inventions.

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